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I'm so glad that we found you. Delta agents couldn't find anything lower than 250.000 miles per person to fly to South Africa. Now we are flying Air France using only 140.000 points. Just wanted to thank for the highly personalized service! I will talk to you in couple of months about another trip


Dennis: This was an amazing tour with you as the master! Couldn't have done it without your help. Will tell all my friends who are in need of your wonderful skills. Thanks again


Dennis helped me to use American Express points for 2 Business class tickets with Singapore airlines and Cathay Pacific for my honeymoon trip. I saved over $15.000 by using points. Thank you!

Darel and Inna

Thank you for all your efforts in securing these wonderful tickets for us. We could not have done this without your help.


I just want to say thank you for your great work, we saved a lot of miles and time. We can book 3 more business class flights using them for another trip!

Having troubles using your frequent flyer miles? Don't have time to study all program rules? We are here to help! Your miles and points can take you virtually around the world. With our award travel booking service you can relax and let our experts do the hard work for you.

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Looking for an international flight in first class or business class. You might have points and miles which you'd like to redeem or you simply want to find the best fare and make it as simple as buying coffee.

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The best itinerary for the miles and points you have at the best conversion rate. We can also find first and business class tickets for international flights with a 40-60% discount over the published fare rate.

We are

Frequent flyer experts and travel agents who have helped 1000s of our clients book first and business class tickets, redeem miles, purchase regular tickets, or book flights using a combination of points and money.

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